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Our Fleet

Our Fleet, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance


Through partnerships established for many years, Medic’Air has – for its departures from Bourget airport in Paris – different types of planes, through its providers – all approved by national or European authorities – to better target the aerial choice according to:

  • the urgency of flight (departing day and night, within two hours of the request)
  • pathology of the patient (flight without stopover – large cabin space)
  • the distance to be covered and zones to be flown over
  • the pviewed time for stopover on the way to taking in charge for a patient in the hospital or contrary, a ground transportation for security reasons
  • the number of potential people accompanying (one family member is desired on board of each air ambulance flight)  



Piaggio Avanti 2

This air ambulance equipped with two stretchers, with a broad cabin is the fastest of twin turboprop and particularly silent. Its quality of pssurization is an asset to evacuate certain pathologies (pneumothorax, intestinal obstruction, pneumocephalus…) requiring a flight on so called “sea level”.

Recent avionics design ensures an optimal flight safety during bad weather conditions and authorizes landing on the large airports (for example Amsterdam Schiphol Airport), without ILS (Instrument Landing System).

This aircraft covers Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. It is also a choice to reach an international airport and allow a patient to continue on transcontinental flight on stretcher with commercial airlines: Air France from Paris, KLM from Amsterdam and Lufthansa from Frankfurt…

A second Piaggio Avanti 2 is also based in Paris LBG as a back-up, and the company has several crews, allowing us to take off in emergency overnight from Paris le Bourget Airport.



Dassault Falcon 50B and Citation Sovereign

Trijet and bijet planes are able to cross over 5000 km non-stop at 850 km/h speed, with a large cabin, a capacity of two stretchers and three members of medical team.

This range of action allows a flight without stopover up to the middle of Africa (Western Africa, Gulf of Guinea) to pick up a patient in the local clinic and proceed with his evacuation without any need for pilot rests, to bring him back to European hospital in a non-stop flight.

These planes are a point of choice for flights Europe – Asia and Europe – North America.

For departs from Paris, other chartered air ambulances can be contracted, depending on specifics of the mission to be accomplished and with the best performance / price ratio, for example:  Beech King 200, 1900; Learjet 35, 45, 55; Hawker 1000.



The delay of obtaining the permission to overflight and the Chinese administration system compels us to a different strategy for evacuations in that region managed by medical team in Shanghai.

After a confirmation of an ambulance flight, the flight plan is filled with all necessary permits. At the same time the medical team of Medic’Air leaves its base on the commercial flight to reach the patient. On the arrival at the hospital, the medical team starts the departure procedure, studying medical record, ongoing treatments, taking in charge the medical fees, meeting family members and taking the ambulance to get to the airport, making sure the patient and the family members are well taken care of.

Once all approvals are obtained, the air ambulance joins the patient and the medical team at the airport to realize the mission in time. 

Falcon 50B AMbulance, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance

Falcon 50B AMbulance

Beech King 200 Air Ambulance, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance

Beech King 200 Air Ambulance

Piaggio Avanti 2 Air Ambulance, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance

Piaggio Avanti 2 Air Ambulance

Citation Sovereign Air Ambulance, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance

Citation Sovereign Air Ambulance

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