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Urgent Evac with ECMO for 9 months old little girl

Wednesday Feb 8th, at 8.00 pm Medic'Air received a first call from pediatric ICU Trousseau University Hospital in Paris for a MEDEVAC for a little girl needing ECMO support from Limoges ( 600 km from Paris ) to Paris.

Child is 9 months old, in acute respiratory distress on pneumopathy and need urgently to benefit from a respiratory/circulatory external substitution by ECMO ( External Circulatory Membrane Oxygenation ). The first challenge was to move to Limoges hospital the high specialized surgery and intensive teams to set up ECMO to this little girl on time.

Since our Piaggio Avanti 2 AA was not available (due to technical stop), on back-up we quote the flight with a Beech King 350 AA, for an immediate night departure, and less one hour later, we obtain the approval from the local EMS dispatching (SAMU 87) to start mission. 

The SAMU 87 initial plan was a rotor-wing evacuation with Fire Depart. EC 145 coming from Paris or Bordeaux but - due to bad weather conditions on night time - helicopter flight was cancelled by SAMU Authority.

One hour after the « green light » our twin team was boarding at Paris Le Bourget airport : pediatric surgeon, pediatric intensivist physician, pediatric nurse for UMAC (Mobile Unit Circulatory Assistance) and Medic’Air flying nurse with more than 150 kg of medical equipment !

After a short flight of 40 minutes, twin team arrived at Limoges hospital at 1.20 am. After more than one hour to try to optimize the baby’s ventilation, without full success, surgeon started to set up cannulas for ECMO at 3.00 am. 

At 5.00 am patient was stabilized under ECMO device, ready to move safely (scanning  :0.5l/min, flow : 580ml/min, speed : 4500 rpm)

At 8.00 am Take off from Limoges airport to fly back to Paris and 40 minutes after, the young patient was entrusted to ICU Mobile pediatric team (SMUR Robert Debré) on tarmac for Trousseau hospital without any incident.

More than three weeks after, the child is still improving, ECM0 removed since a week, and on the way back to Limoges soon.

Every day and night, Medic’Air teams are on there spot to find the best solutions for acute patients management. Available in two hours to take off from Paris by Air ambulance for any destinations with our ICU duty team, we work also closely with vascular surgeons and UMAC teams to provide the new solution to set up ECMO before evacuate a non-fit-to-fly patient.

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